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The wedding is one of the most significant events in our lives. We all try hard to make it the most memorable time of our lives. The most confusing question of all is “Whether we want a Destination Wedding international or a traditional regular one in India?” We generally start with, taking suggestions from our friends and family for the solution. But does that answer to the problem? Many at times it further grows our confusion. Both of them have plenty of pros and cons. We can never say which one is more suitable. But certainly one among them is a better option for you. So here we are with all the aspects of a Destination Wedding in India and International. This well-researched comparison is a complete answer to all your confusion.

Happy Weddings is here with a detailed comparison between Destination Wedding in India or abroad. We provide the best wedding planning services with budget management and beautiful venues and locations. Happy weddings are a great Indian wedding planner showcasing exotic wedding locations in India to develop the concept of a destination wedding.

Indian Destination Weddings are an age-old tradition in our society. The groom’s side visits the bride’s home. All the wedding ceremonies are held there. The arrangements are usually done by the bridal side. In modern times, things have evolved. Even the traditions are restored. These day’s Indian destination weddings are conducted either in the groom’s hometown or the bride’s hometown. Even the wedding duties are equally shared between both. Here are some pros and cons of an Indian destination wedding. It might help you clarify a lot many doubts that are humming in your mind.


Indian destination Wedding - Pros

1. More Planning TimeSince you don’t have to move to a new area, you have a lot of time to plan the wedding. That time which could otherwise be spent on booking tickets and other travel arrangements can now be applied in wedding planning. Also, since you are well conscious of the place, you can easily avail the best services. Thus, you can save a lot of time that you would have to waste on research. An Indian destination Wedding involves plenty of time to think, so the couple can put lots of it on the details, from the varieties of flowers to be used down to the table runners for the reception, more ideas to give your wedding a personalized glance and feel.

2. More People to Share Your Happiness: Because your venue is local, you can expect more people to come in for your wedding. Your wedding will take place in the closeness of your extended family, friends, relatives, and co-workers. A large gathering will give your wedding a truly royal look. Not only you will share your joy with everybody, but you can also get a golden chance to have a picture with all of them.

3. Special Moments in a Special Place: Your hometown always includes a special place in your heart. No skyscraper town or a metropolitan town can ever take that place. An Indian destination wedding gives you a golden chance to praise your most special day amidst your childhood memories with all your childhood besties.

4. More Gifts: Though it may sound a little crazy, Indian destination wedding assures you more gifts. These weddings usually include a long guest list and thus ensure a larger number of gifts. So if you are the one who is curious about gifts, then an Indian destination wedding is definitely a better choice for you.


Indian Destination Wedding - Cons

1. Higher Cost: A regular Indian wedding includes a large guest list. The more the guests, the more you have to make the arrangements for larger parties. This will result in an extra headcount price. You will have to book a bigger wedding venue to serve more people. Similarly, you will have to pay more money on other arrangements like catering, return gifts, etc. to cater to a bigger guest list. To add to your overall value an Indian destination wedding also adds up to honeymoon price, which destination wedding could cut off.

2. Stress: Regular weddings are usually conducted by a lot of stress. Whether it is from being a great host to your guests or making all the arrangements for the wedding, it brings a lot of stress to the bride and groom as it often takes extra effort unlike a destination wedding where you just visit the wedding location and everything is served to you. Regular Indian weddings include taking care of service and travel arrangements for your family and relatives that can be slightly stressful at times.

International Destination weddings are increasingly gaining popularity over regular weddings. International Destination weddings are usually more pleasure and are usually more friendly. They include only a few close relations and friends to celebrate your wedding. An International Destination wedding is conducted far away from your home in a wonderfully scenic location.


International Destination Wedding - Pros

1. Cost Worthy: An International destination Wedding is generally more affordable than a regular wedding. Though an International Destination wedding may sound a way too expensive when you consider all the important factors you may find that it is much more practical and cheaper than a traditional wedding. An International Destination Wedding serves the double purpose of both the wedding and honeymoon. Generally, the couple chooses their preferred honeymoon destination as their wedding purpose also. Thus, it saves a significant amount of money. Also, International Destination Weddings are performed in the presence of fewer people, which saves a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend for a larger venue, and for other arrangements.

2. A More Intimate Affair: International Destination Weddings generally include only close relatives and friends. So rather being a pompous show, your wedding is more private. It also gives a chance to both the families of the bride and the groom to mix with each other more closely, hence adding the relations. It also ensures a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

3. Travel Opportunity for You and Your GuestsThere is nothing more pleasing than an outdoor holiday. Flying away from the hustle and bustle of city life is what everyone imagines. International Destination Wedding gives you and your loved one a chance to spend a few relaxing and fun-filled times while accompanying you for your big day.

4. Stress-FreeSince your wedding destination is miles apart from your hometown, you finally end up with hiring a Wedding planner for your destination wedding. Happy Weddings wedding planner will take up all your tension about making arrangements for your Destination Weddings. All you have to do is to do a lot of shopping, board your plane and relish your wedding. These are some reasons why you should hire a wedding planner for your wedding.


International Destination Wedding - Cons

1. A Shorter Guests List: In an International Destination wedding you may miss out on many relatives and friends, you would want to accompany you on your big day.

2. PlanningWedding planning in an unknown location is without any doubt a more stressful job. Hence we largely recommend you hire a wedding planner, like Happy Weddings, who is well knowledgeable of your wedding location and about the vendors there. We have previous experience in arranging weddings in every location. 

3. Losing Honeymoon Exclusivity: In most of the events, your honeymoon destination would be the same as your wedding destination. You might find a few of your guests to extend their vacations. They will be there with you to guide you on your honeymoon. This can dissipate your honeymoon exclusivity.


Though deciding upon an International Destination Wedding OR an Indian Wedding is not at all a simple task. But by now, you would be having a pretty good idea about the Pros and Cons of both the weddings and which one is better for you.