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Festivals are the best time of the year as it brings happiness and excitement. However, the festive season might be hectic too, as it comes with many preparations and arrangements. Planning to throw a festive party or organizing an event for friends and family takes a lot of effort from your end.

It's always better to share the workload of an event or party to make it successful. This way, the host can enjoy it too. So to make festive celebration events memorable and organized, hire good event management companies that customize plans per the customer's requirement.

How to Plan Cultural Festival Parties and Events with Traditional Theme

Festive events are exciting, happening, and full of traditional values. It is when family, relatives, and friends gather to celebrate the occasion as the festive gathering includes all the near and dear ones, so the arrangements should be perfect. As every festival has its religious significance and traditional values, then it's become necessary to keep all such things in mind while planning for the cultural festival event. 

Find the Perfect Venue.

To arrange any festive event, figure out how many attendees will be there in the event and accordingly finalise the place or venue for the festive gathering.

Look for a spacious place so that if there is any addition to the guest list at the end, have enough space to accommodate the guests.


While planning for any festive event, consider the decoration per the traditional values of the occasion. Take an instance, 

  • If planning for Independence Day or Republic day, go with the tricolour curtains or floral decoration.
  • For Janmashtami, create the village ambiance with the decor such that it looks like the birthplace of lord Krishna.
  • Ganesh Utsav is a long ten-day event where the Pandal should be spacious and decorated with flowers, lighting, curtains, and leaves.
  • For Navratri decorations, use nine different colours, one for each day. A stage should be appropriately placed with various props or flowers.
  • Diwali party decorations include lighting, torans, wall hangings, candles, lanterns, earthen lamps, and many more.

Music & Entertainment

Music is the soul of an event. Make sure music arrangements are best in place to create a joyful environment. Music is the main entertaining factor, so the sound system and speakers should be of good quality for the festive event. Check the musical instruments before the event if arranging any band performance for the party. Make a party playlist before the event begins or for Garba songs if planning for the Navratri event.


Food is the only thing people remember the most after attending any event. For the festive occasion, the meal menu should be according to the number of guests and staff. The Festive Food menu should add snacks along with the complete platter. If you want to add the essence of real taste to your festive event, include festival-specific dishes to the menu like laddoo or modak in Ganesh Utsav event, Makkhan mishri bhog for Janmashtami event, Thandai in holi event, Gujiya, chakli, and more for Diwali parties. 

Theme as per the Occasion

To make festive events memorable and unique, use traditional themes in the decor and attires. Traditional pieces add a rich look and feel to the ambiance. For Navratri celebrations, traditional dress themes can be introduced. This includes traditional dresses from different regions of India, one for each day of Navratri. Like Gujarati chaniya choli, Bengali saree, nauvari saree, and many more. Traditional themes consist of the decor according to the religious significance of the occasion.

How do Event Companies Plan the Festival Events and Parties?

Event management companies help you to execute the best arrangements while following all the rituals and traditions associated with the festivities. Event companies follow the process to meet the client's requirements and make the arrangements in an organised manner.

Their motive is to make the event successful in the best possible way. For such reasons, they divide the task into different teams, like the decor team handles all the decorations, including lighting, floral decor, stage decor, entrance, and all. The catering team looks up the food and meal requirements. The sound and music team fulfils the sound system requirements, mic, speakers, and all related arrangements.


Party planning is not an easy job. Arranging the festival event takes a lot of planning and hard work. To plan festival parties and events with the best traditional themes, one can hire good event planners to put everything in place. 

Happy weddings can help you to plan a lovely festive event with complete arrangements. So be ready for the upcoming festivals and party hard. All else will be settled by the team of Happy Weddings Event Management Company.