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One of the most romantic weather is monsoon and monsoon weddings are dreamy ones. Monsoon weddings are different and amazing from other seasons.

A light shower of water droplets and that natural view under the pink and blue sky is completely the natural scene to capture perfect wedding photographs.

But this season demands a different plan for all the arrangements. So let's discuss how to plan for weddings during the monsoon.

Wedding Venue

While planning for a monsoon wedding the most important and the first thing we chose is the right venue for the wedding. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue make sure your guests don't get wet in the downpour.

Happy Weddings' priority is the guest's comfort. So they make sure monsoon weddings are organised at the indoor venue with all the decor and arrangements.

Right Food

Food is the only thing that your guests or attendees remember during the whole wedding. Keep the food in the covered area because open food is open to all including flies and diseases. Of course, no couple wants their guests to fall sick after eating such food.

Happy weddings are one of the best wedding planners that look after the quality of the food which will be served to the guests.

For rainy weddings add a few hot dishes to the menu like coffee, soup, fritters and desserts like gulab jamun, jalebi and brownie etc.

Monsoon Wedding Decor

Monsoon weddings are dreamy weddings so make full advantage of them. Choose light and vibrant colours for the decor.

Use floral decor and add rainy props to the decor like little umbrellas. Rain theme dance parties or pool parties can be organised around the poolside with blue and sea green colour decor.

Choose Comfy Outfit

A wedding outfit is something which catches everyone’s attention so choose the colours as per the season and your comfort.

You can go for light and pastel shades that complement the weather as well as the decor. You can go with minimal accessories and comfortable footwear that can easily go with the weather too.

Makeup According to Monsoon

Monsoon comes with humidity so apply light makeup such that it doesn't get messed up with the moisture. Try to opt for waterproof makeup products because you don't want your makeup to melt off and make D-day the spoiler. 

Pre Wedding Shoot

If planning for pre-wedding shoots, what is better than a rainy background with colourful umbrellas, pink sky and natural greenery to enhance the natural scenic beauty for the perfect photographs. 

Final Note

Hope all these tips will help you to plan monsoon weddings as a dreamy affair. Before planning a monsoon wedding check this list that explains well how to plan weddings during monsoon.

Happy weddings assure you to make this big day memorable and cherished for you and your guests. So here is the best wedding planner to make all the arrangements possible for your dreamy rainy wedding.