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With changing times, priorities and increased health concerns, couples are now more inclined towards a small but lavish intimate wedding. It helps the couples with making the events more personalized and helps them share their own story through the functions. This doesn’t in any way mean that it involves less planning. This requires a little edge towards the thoughts as they need to be unique in their own way. Throughout this blog you’ll find several ways in which you can make your intimate wedding planning game stronger. 

The Invitation

An intimate wedding means, lesser guests and yes it helps you go all out when it comes to celebrating. Sit down with your fiance and plan how you can make the wedding only about you by inviting only the close family members and your inner circle of friends. Plan your invitation as a virtual/digital art and help your family/friends connect with you through a short story enclosing details that your close ones are aware of. Add the quirk to it and let it speak for you.

Be Extra

Indian Weddings are not short on the nuptial ceremonies. There is a lot to celebrate like Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Engagement, reception and what not? All this when combines with a little fun element, adds a lot to the joy of the moment. Add games, adventures, performances that are unconventional and make it even more special. Give your wedding guests something to do lik an open mic, a little hike right at your destination spot, treasure hunts, bonfire, camp night etc. This will help your guests get their own little vacay and it might even become their “Best Wedding attended as a guest”.

The Destination

Did you and your fiance meet for the first time when you were on a trip up north? Or do you both love exploring the royal architectures? Are you both in love with the ocean? Well you have got your pick for your own dream destination wedding. Make it personal and about both of you as lovers. Pick a place which both of you love. Explore the wedding spots at your desired location and tie the knot at a place that speaks the story of your connection.

Tell your story through food

Throughout your love story you might have picked some of your favorite dishes that you love to have or cook together. Add up to your story by conveying your memorable instances with food. Write some of them just below the food item in your printed menu and describe why you connect with them. 

Have a short and sweet reception

It is your wedding and you are the main character and a main character has the most lines. Bring different cultures and traditions into your wedding and add ceremonies that you feel, can help you make it memorable. Add in the wedding vow ritual, the veil ritual, the bouquet throwing and everything that you find interesting.

In the end, it all comes down to doing what can make it your most special day ever. Add personal touches, bring in all your favorite things and tell your love story, your own way.

Happy Wedding!